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As one of the top OEM manufacturers of modern testing and service equipment in the premium segment for automotive workshops and car manufacturers meeting the latest industry standards.

Client: RIAB
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A web application which will help state-owned enterprises to submit their monthly report online and the RIAB staff verify details as well as generate reports.

Client: ShelterLuv
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Today the product is loved by vast majority of users. By the end of the 3rd year of our association the client company had raised $2M angel funding and raised their series B funding by the end of the 6th year of our association.

Client: KPESB
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Prototypes helped the client to come up with requirements that helped in the application design and minimize the change requests. After completion, our team also helped the clients to conduct one round of their recruitment process.

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An e-commerce website that provides an unparalleled and secure shopping experience. The website also offered custom features like integration with the Point-of-sale system and with third party affiliate applications.

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