Robotic Process Automation(RPA)

Automate routine and repetitive tasks in your business.

Lets you focus on priority work by automating repetitive tasks performed by skilled personnel.

Most organizations have a set of functions and processes that are repetitive usually performed by skilled employees. Robotic process automation helps to simplify these sets of repetitive processes with the help of automation in an easy and fast manner with high accuracy. This reduces chances of human error, does the process faster and the most said advantage is that the organization can focus the skilled personnel on higher value tasks. RPA helps in automating business workflows which helps in cost minimization within a stipulated period of time.

Our RPA engineers automate tasks just like a human being does them across applications and systems. Our RPA helps organizations automate workflow, infrastructure, and back-office processes which are labor-intensive. Expand your business and explore our automation services through us.

Time to Value

New automation schemes can be created, tested and deployed faster, which makes more value compared to the existing labor intensive structure.

Less Human error

Tasks will be carried out according to the schemes provided and hence there no human intervention. Lesser human intervention means less chance of human errors.

Improved throughput

Automated tasks gets completed faster and efficiently letting organizations concentrate more on delivering higher-value for customers.

Why choose us for your RPA requirements?

Ease of Use

We create automation bots that are easy to use without any much technical know how.


We create RPA schemes that can be customized for complex business requirements

Multi-platform Ready

The RPA bots are designed to run on multiple platforms - Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS

Future Ready

Our automation bots can be integrated with several services. With the expertise in Big Data, we can help you create data bank for Business analytics.

RPA Solutions

Every organization has routine tasks that are repetitive, time consuming and prone to human error. Livares solves these problems elegantly with cost effective transition capabilities and ultimate compatibility.

Our RPA Services include
  • RPA Consulting
  • Automation Design
  • RPA Strategy and Feasibility Assessment
  • RPA Implementation
  • Customized RPA Solutions
  • Automation Support
  • Automation Optimization
  • Automation as Service

Case Studies

We use technology to tackle real world problems

RPA for Your Industry

Robotic process automation bots are not just mimicking the tasks your employees perform. Automation bots can easily manage processes across departments, locations, and local as well as systems hosted in cloud. With RPA managing your high volume routine and repetitive business processes, your team is free to take on more strategic and high value work.

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