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A good big data analysis can provide fast and better agile decisions to stay competitive

Now most organizations struggle with huge amount of data received from several sources of their business. These data can be very large, distinct data sets that include structures, semi-structured and unstructured data of various sizes ranging from terabytes to zettabytes received from different sources. With efficient big data analysis organizations can uncover hidden patterns, relations and several insights. In-order to harness the power of this huge pools of data, organizations are shifting from their slower and less efficient traditional data and architecture solutions to big data technologies.

Our expertise in big data tools, processes and technologies can help organizations to harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities, provide actionable insights and agile decisions. The ability to work faster and take agile decisions give organizations an added advantage they didn’t have before. That leads to smarter and more efficient operations, increased profits and satisfied customers.

How big data analysis works and key technologies

There is no single technology that facilitates big data analysis. Several technologies are coupled together to help businesses get the most value from their data lake.

Machine Learning

Machine learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence that trains a machine how to learn, makes it possible to produce models that can analyze large, more complex data and deliver faster, more accurately. By building precise models, an organization can identify profitable opportunities or avoid unforeseen risks.

Data management

Data should be of high quality and well organized before it can be analyzed reliably. With constant data flow, it is important to identify and instruct repeatable processes to build and maintain data quality standard. Once data is properly standardized, organizations should establish a master data management program that maintains the entire operations on the same page.

Data mining

Data mining technology helps to examine large sets of data to identify patterns in the data and can be used for further analysis to solve complex business problems. With data mining software, business can identify relevant information by skipping useless data and use the information to assess likely outcomes and accelerate better decision making.

Text Mining

Text mining can be used to analyze text data from sources like web, messages, comment field, surveys and various text-based sources to understand insights organizations haven't explored before. Text mining uses natural language processing technology and machine learning to scan through data to analyze large amounts of information.

In memory analytics

We can derive immediate insights by analyzing data from system memory and can utilize them quickly. This technology enables us to skip data preparation and analytical processing to test new scenarios and create models. This helps organizations to stay agile, make better business decisions, enabling them to run iterative and interactive analytic processes.

Predictive analytics

This technology uses data, machine learning techniques and statistical algorithms to identify the possibilities of future outcomes based on historical data. This assessment makes organizations take confident business decisions. Predictive analytics can be used for fraud detection, risk analysis and marketing analysis.

BIG Data Solutions

We help bussinesses to take smart moves, carry more efficiet operations, achieve higher profits and gain more satisfied customers by harnessing their data and using it to identify new opportunities.

Our Big Data Services include

  • Managed Big Data Services
  • Data Analysis Platform
  • AI and Cognitive Computing
  • Data Science
  • Hadoop as Data Warehouse solution
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse
  • Data Visualization
  • Enterprise Data Management

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