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Kerala Startup Mission Portal
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Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM, formerly known as Technopark TBI) is the nodal agency of the Government of Kerala for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities in Kerala, India.

The Client

Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM, formerly known as Technopark TBI) is the nodal agency of the Government of Kerala for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities in Kerala, India. Promoting knowledge-driven and technology-based startup ventures by students, faculties, and local entrepreneurs is the primary objective of the organization. Kerala Startup Mission played the pivotal role in development and orchestrating every piece of a vibrant Startup ecosystem. Startups in Kerala are stretching their limits as they focus more on future technologies and finding solutions for problems in ways not experimented before.

The Business Challenges

As part of the Government's new initiatives on Entrepreneurship building, many youngsters, students and graduates came in an interest and passion to start new ventures based on their product ideas. This made KSUM to think about setting up a new system to manage many of their regular time consuming processes happening under Kerala Startup Mission. Process such as Screening of Startup Incubation Applications, Scheduling and conducting review meetings, watching their progress and mentoring, generating bills for the paid services which they utilized from KSUM. etc. Along with this they also wanted to generate this new system as the front page of KSUM to notify and update about all the new things happening inside the organization. They wanted to change their existing website built on top of drupal. The Old system was very complex, there was no process flow implementation present in the application. User registration process in the old system was not user friendly and they wanted to make many changes to their existing data collection forms. There weren't any user level access controls present in their system for decentralizing tasks to a team of workforce. In limited words, they were looking for a solution which should include a content manageable website, and an application to do end to end processes involved in handling the startup application processing, starting from the registration and incubation till graduation of the startup. They wanted to develop this system as a platform for various stakeholders of the startup community to connect and exchange their ideas.

The Business Requirement

It was required to have a common platform to connect various services provided by Kerala StartUp Mission. Need to manage different users such as Startups, Mentors, Students, Investors using a single system. Need to have a well arranged generalized flow for all the applications to the system. Admin need to monitor all the users activities, all the status of the applications. They needed to have many features under this system, as the organization was also evolving much rapidly the requirements were also changing continuously.


The Solution

Primarily the application may be having the following type of users

  • Startup/Applicant
  • Membership Company
  • Accelerator
  • Mentor
  • Investor
  • Domain Expert
  • Student - Learn to Code
  • Student - Bootcamp
  • IEDC
  • Community
  • Partner
  • Enthusiast

There are two types of dashboard for admin.

1. Staff Dashboard

In admin Dashboard admin will have a general understanding of the users, activities and upcoming events.

2. CEO Dashboard

In ceo dashboard admin will have a general understanding of the status of the applications.

Other than applications the system provides other services also.

  • User can make request for hardware resources and admin can view and allocate resources on availability
  • Automated billing and invoice processing on monthly basis for companies.
  • Provide a detailed approach to analyse and sortout data.
  • Transparency in all application process for incubation, patent and seedfund
  • Will get a clear cut vision regarding seat allotment in various ksum campuses across the state.
  • Schedule events and meetings
  • Product management.
  • Permission management : Give permission for the different users to view or edit the features.
  • Ability to create and manage new custom forms.

The proposed solution automates most of the tasks that are carried out in the older version of the system.

All modules were analyzed thoroughly to keep the store safe and as lightweight as possible for a smooth and secure shopping experience for customers. Live chat and support ticketing system has been implemented to help customers get their concerns cleared as soon as possible and provide them an in-store experience.


The main benefits offered by the application are

Simple and user friendly user registration flow.

Managing all the various users and its activities in a single application

Admin can view all applications at a glance and can manage easily

User can request for resources through the application and admin can allocate based on availability

Simple and user friendly billing and payment module

Permission management

Seat layout management module

Technical Overview

In the older version application the data was not properly managed. We have used the most leading framework that follows all the iso standards in programming. It covers a modular approach so it’s very easy to upgrade and maintain. We can easily change module features without changing other modules. Provides high security and encryption of data in the application. Our technology can easily integrate with other applications. Provides better abstraction and reusability.

The Results

Login and activities of the vast number of users made simple on the compilation of the application. The user flow of the application process for incubation application, seed fund applications etc. are implemented in a more user friendly way.

  • Booking the resource and allocation of the resource - User can book resources under startup mission through the application. From the admin side admin can allocate the resources on the basis of availability.
  • Requests - Users can generate new requests such as Id Card, and admin can prioritize it and process it from the admin side. The user can view the status of the request.
  • Seat Allocation - Admin will get clear cut vision about seat allotment in various campuses across the state.
  • Meetings and events can schedule through the application.
  • Permission management - Admin can manage the permission of users to view and edit any feature.
  • Create and manage custom forms.
  • Automated billing and invoice processing


  • Product Management
  • Seat Layout Management
  • Billing & Payment
  • Resources & Booking
  • Meetings
  • Requests
  • Permission Management

Technologies Used

  • Laravel 5.3 Framework
  • Mysql 5.6.20 DB Server
  • Sentinel 2.0 Package
  • Hackzilla/Password-Generator 1.3 Package
  • Recaptcha 2.3 Package
  • Drupal 7.3 CMS
  • PHP 5 Programming Language
  • Bootstrap 4 Frontend framework


  • All
  • Web(4)
  • Mobile(1)
  • Enterprise(5)
  • Graphics(0)


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