Web Application Development

You are here with a web application development requirement in mind and have reached the right place. We understand that building an online business is not an easy task today. The competition is growing by the minute and everyone is attempting to create an independent income flow via the internet. The world has taken a turn away from physical retailers and become more dependent on the web. Not only can you sell downloadable products, but more and more people are beginning to buy their everyday necessities online as well. As a result, the internet industry has flourished. We have created web applications of varied sizes, applications for use inside organizations to SaaS (Software as a Service). Development experience ranges from simple to complex multi-tier application development. These made us comfortable to take up any application development requirement with the highest confidence and surety. The importance we give for design, user experience, performance, and quality adds to the success of any application development.

Our Web development services include

  • Corporate / Business Websites

  • Retail / Ecommerce

  • Communities & Network

  • Dating

  • B2B / B2C Internet Portals

  • E-Learning / Online Training

  • Real Estate

  • Customer Management


Livares follows W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards. The web standards are meant to guide the web to its “full potential", which it does by developing specifications, guidelines, software, and tools. Some of the w3c standards we follow are, php, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSLT, DOM, MathML, SVG etc.

Design and Development

We develop web applications to stand out and enhance the user experience, with a seamless mobile-first experience, that is secure, modern, optimized, scalable. The multidisciplinary team handles end to end development with efficient project management tools providing frequent updates to you.

Our Recent Works


Livares makes intuitive and adaptable web applications that draw in clients and fuel crucial work processes. We are capable of delivering custom one-page applications to complex enterprise-scale applications with the utmost quality. We focus on long-term partnerships that are proven by many clients from across the globe that stay and grow with us for years.

To become a global firm, create more employment, reputed for making the world a better place through innovation and unflappable work ethic. We have dedicated ourselves to the cause of creating quality software and providing world class services to our customers. We are always improving our skills & processes and keeping mindful of the latest software technology trends, in order to help our clients convert their various business processes into profitable business models. Our commitment to client satisfaction sets us apart in the IT services industry.

Case Studies

Experience UI/UX

User experience changes so fast with the latest technologies and is very important to keep any application updated in order to keep the bridge strong and shorter between customers and business. The strategies we follow are customer-centric and the ones that keep them fall in love with your business. Usage of the latest technology and trends in user experience and designs makes every application in our pipeline unique and efficient. User interface designers and user interface developers work here in harmony to produce the most appealing and easy to use applications.

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