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Our world has moved to a mobile-first approach and mobile application footprint has grown largely since. With the increasing mobile technology and market, it offers vast opportunities for brands to deliver value to customers in need. We create custom made mobile applications using the latest technologies which are best suited for the application, with a clean and enhanced user experience. No matter how big, or complex the application idea is we have been developing mobile applications for organizations, brands, and start-ups. We always start of application development with a thorough understanding of customer needs, which makes us choose technology and design constructively. For any application, the ideas will be captured by the UI/UX team to provide you with the best application design, which on your approval will be developed on chosen best technology suited for the same. All applications will undergo various tests before rolling out to the customer.

Our mobile app development team is capable of

IOS Application Development

The development portfolio holds experience in developing native ios applications that are fast, reliable and flexible. The development includes applications that are built using native languages such as Swift or Objective-C as well as cross-platform native applications using React Native.

Android Application Development

The mobile market is dominated by android devices and the user base is vast, which makes it important for any application to be made for android devices. Our android application development team develops user-friendly, scalable and versatile applications.

Hybrid Application Development

Having an application on varied platforms increases the applications reach to its users. Developing an application for various platforms with building just one version of the application in a single workflow made it more efficient and cost-effective. Hybrid application development is in huge popularity and we use the latest frameworks for the same and make your ideas come to reality successfully.

Application Upgradation

As technology is skyrocketing, so should your applications. Applications should be upgraded from time to time to stay on top and to adapt to new devices. If you already have an awesome application and want it to be available across newer devices or looking to add new features or enhance the user experience, our designers and developers can be your best bet.

Application Platform Migration

It is important for an application to be accessible across multiple platforms as the user base on any platform currently is large. With the extensive expertise in varied technologies, we have migrated and upgraded legacy applications to the latest platforms which in turn resulted in scalability and improved performance.


Livares follows W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards. The web standards are meant to guide the web to its “full potential", which it does by developing specifications, guidelines, software, and tools. Some of the w3c standards we follow are, php, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSLT, DOM, MathML, SVG etc.

Design and Development

We develop web applications to stand out and enhance the user experience, with a seamless mobile-first experience, that is secure, modern, optimized, scalable. The multidisciplinary team handles end to end development with efficient project management tools providing frequent updates to you.

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