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Equipment Configurator
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  • Java - Backend Language
  • Angular JS - Frontend Language
  • MySQL - Database
  • Tomcat - Backend Server
  • SpringBoot - IDE
  • VSCode - Code Editor

As one of the top OEM manufacturers of modern testing and service equipment in the premium segment for automotive workshops and car manufacturers meeting the latest industry standards.

The Client

As one of the top OEM manufacturers from Germany, our client is a manufacturer of modern testing and service equipment in the premium segment for automotive workshops and car manufacturers meeting the latest industry standards.

The Business Challenges

Our client was using email communication to collect orders from their customers. It was a very time consuming process with too much email communication to find the exact requirement of the customers. Our client had to spend too much time handling this process. Converting the customer requirements into a digital document was also a time consuming process.

The Business Requirement

Our client required a web application to manage the process of generating equipment models based on a set of requirements from the customers. Customers can select the product category from the landing page and can configure the 


The Solution

Develop a web application that will help the customers of our client to easily configure their required product. Our client have a variety of products and users can customize it’s configuration based on their requirement. This application will lead the customers through a number of steps. On each step they have to select their required configuration from a set of options. Some configuration items are optional as well. Images are available for all configuration items, which will help customer to select them quickly.

Customers will get a PDF document in their email address with complete configuration of the product.


The upsides of the application is definitely easier management of data.The main benefits offered are

User will get a document with the configured product on his email.

User can easily select accessories required for the model

User can always move back to the previous step and can make the changes in the configuration

Users can always resume from their previous incomplete configuration on the same day

Technology / Technical Overview

Java is used for backend development and AngularJS for the frontend. 

Highlights / Features

  • Automated PDF generation with details of product
  • Customer will get details of their generated model in email
  • German language support
  • Simple questionnaires to select the model
  • User can easily add accessories if required
  • Images available for product models and accessories

Technologies Used

  • Backend Language-Java
  • Frontend Language-Angular JS
  • Database- MySQL
  • Backend Server-Tomcat
  • IDE-SpringBoot
  • Code Editor-VSCode


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