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Ends on 30-11-2022
  • angular 6
  • android
  • linux
Job Location: Phase 3, Technopark, Trivandrum, Remote Working
Technical skills:
  • Mid-level engineer with 1-2 years of experience with Angular (6+) development.
  • Android development knowledge is an advantage.
  • Must be ready to learn Android development.
  • Must know basic Linux commands.
  • Thorough understanding of Git, HTTP protocol, REST principles, JWT, JSON, Best practices of coding, software design, and UI design; SOLID principles.
  • Must write code that is easy to read, test, and maintain, ensuring compliance with conventions & guidelines discussed and decided by the team.

  • Must be proficient in verbal as well as written communication in English.
  • Must be capable to interact with the business team/Technical managers of our Client to understand requirements and also communicate clearly and proactively about technical challenges related to the business requirements.
  • Must regularly track and log work-related activities using tools provided by the manager, and give updates about progress or blockers proactively to project managers and clients.
  • Regularly reflect on development processes and actively try to improve them continuously.

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