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At Livares, our business is founded on the principle of ‘Designing Tomorrow Together’, and this extends to our employment philosophy too. We hire the best, most enthusiastic talent and offer them opportunities that encourage personal and professional growth.

Rich and stable growth history: Founded in 2009 with limited infrastructure and few associates, we have grown steadily to more associates across 10+ global locations. Our rich heritage and diverse business portfolio provides a stable and steady employment coupled with an exciting and fulfilling career path in your area of strength.

Opportunities to work with the best: We believe that our long-standing client relationships are the key to our success. 98 percent of our business is repeat, and we work with industry leaders, enabling our associates to work with the best. At Livares, you will find numerous opportunities to contribute to our client's success. This could be through designing innovative products, optimizing cost, reducing development time and increasing operational efficiency.


Livares Technologies Pvt Ltd

5th Floor, Yamuna Building
Technopark Phase III Campus, Trivandrum
Kerala, India-695581


Call: +91-9037334719

We Provide

Technology Certifications

You are provided with tremendous oppurtunities to learn and upgrade. Taam members are trained with best available world class certification courses.

Idea Pool

An in-house innovation and collaboration zone where the ideas and innovations of our team members are discussed and fueled, providing guidance to develop the ideas to an effective output.

Personal Training Sessions

Personal training programs to improve the softskills and interpersonal skills of team members.

Flexible Leave Structure

Better and Flexible leave policies that adds to a better work life balance. Sabatical leaves provided for team members keeping a long career span in the organisation.

Employee Insurance & Welfare

Employee insurance schemes as per institutional norms. Also the organisation provides in person support in personal financial crisis.

Pleasant Work Atmosphere

Call it your office. Your home. Your playground. Your own personal space. Or call it your dream destination! Situated in the greenest IT park of India, Livares is the ultimate place to be. Enveloped in an awe-inspiring ambience. Happy faces all around, Helping hands all around.

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