Livares Technology’s offshore development team of experienced offshore developers with the latest innovative technology facilities assures you a simple, cost-effective service without compromising quality. Our flexible workforce management can be adjusted to accommodate changing requirements by clients in terms of team size and timings.

Building a dedicated team at Livares Technologies

Focuses on your Business Goals

We come up with expert solutions by identifying your business expectations and requirements. This way, our team can quickly understand how your business works and what it needs thereby delivering them within timelines.

Quick and Flexible Team Organisation

Now team formation is easier than ever. Our scalable workforce is distributed across diverse projects as per requirement and is ready to be redeployed anytime with the evolving needs of the client organization.

Prescreened and Proactive Workforce

To make sure that all our team members are qualified enough to assist you we make them go through a prescreening before forming the team. Also, our offshore developers stay one step ahead and keep on improvising.

Proven Track Record

Livares offshore development team has an established history of building successful, long-term relationships with our clients. You can ensure that we will live up to the reputation of being a responsible organization.

Dedicated Management

Our efficient management prioritizes client success by focusing on a well- developed HR process and open communication. Also, each team will function under a dedicated team manager, an expert in that specific field.

Regular Work Reports

We will update you with weekly/monthly progress reports on the projects. Plus there will be a live demonstration and video meetings on ongoing developments in order to ensure that the teams are in sync with your ideas.

Our HR Process- Unique and Efficient


Understanding your business model

Each project is unique in terms of requirements, processes, and results. That’s why we will spend the initial time duration for a better understanding of the business model.


Gathering insights from experts and Defining Goals

Collecting insightful data and information about the project can add to the smooth processing of it. Thus, our offshore management will conduct IT gatherings with the help of experts.


Forming the expert offshore team

Now its time for building a team of best offshore developers and testers with experience in working with similar projects in the past. Our professional screening will ensure it.


Creates a friendly working environment

It very important that the team members- experienced and freshers have a warm and friendly atmosphere to adapt to our work culture and traditions, and Livares management makes sure of it.


Regular quality evaluation

We conduct regular evaluations and related assessments on the performance of each employee. And based on these we come up with strategies to refine the skills and abilities of our staff.


Professional and personal development training

At Livares technologies we conduct an array of employee training on a regular basis. These programs comprise of include personalized mentoring, courses, conferences and seminars by pioneers etc.

Effective and Efficient Offshore Development Solutions

With over 100+ dedicated team members and a decade of experience, Livares Technologies’ offshore development team can assist you with the whole IT process from initial development through implementation. We can assure you with exceptional solutions in the field of software development.

What Makes Our Offshore Development Team the Best?

Non-Disclosure Agreements

We assure 100% confidentiality to all business practices, trade secrets, and intellectual property that client shares with us. Plus all our staff are selected through strict background checks, assuring their loyalty.

The Concept of ‘One Team’

As an offshore development team, we will function as an extended extension of your core team targeting mutual success. Because we know the importance of seamless collaboration in achieving success.

Knowledge Sharing

Our offshore development teams have in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies related to projects, acquired through years of experience and individual training sessions that you can access.

Keen Attention to Detail

What we learned from our 10 years of experience is that quality matters. That is why at Livares we give attention to every detail, whether it is a simple or complex project, providing you the best.

Adding Value to the Business

Our team of experts will thoroughly understand the top priorities, vision, current market position, and goals of your business. Then we we will come up with a customized strategy to add value to it.

100% Transparency

We believe in building open and honest relationships with our clients. Thus, all our processes are transparent giving you all the numbers and all relevant information related to the project.

Hire an Offshore Development Team That You Can Trust!

We are here to empower your business with world class technology services. Our expertise in web development, mobile development, software development, ecommerce, system integration services, DevOps along with most modern IoT, Big Data Analytics and Robotic Process Automation can cater to almost all of your business's technology needs to take it to the next level and help you succeed.

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