In order to provide our clients with better expert solutions and services, the Livares Technologies team has implemented the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, a simple but efficient project delivery model.

Why Build Operate Transfer Model?

Build Operate Transfer Model, in short, BOT is perfect for an organization looking to a corporate subsidiary with a small up-front investment and looking for more involved cooperation. It is similar to the Offshore Shore Development model, during the initial phases, but then grows into an owned subsidiary of the client organization.

Build, Operate, Transfer Model @ Livares Technologies

Flexible, scalable, reactive, quicker- the benefits of this project outsourcing model are many. Through building remote development teams with Livares Technology under the BOT model, you can assure you to attain long term goals, with greater control. And as time passes you can take ownership, with a smooth transition without any risks involved.

We Build for you

In this stage, we will concentrate on the primary and most important part of project development - setting up or building of the operation unit. We work closely with you to understand your business goals and unique requirements. This will give us an idea of what is needed. We team Livares, will start installing infrastructures, hiring potential team members, and will take care of all paperwork associated with it.

We Operate with you

It is during this stage where all the ‘management’ activities are done. We will provide our team with world-class professional training so that they can provide services in par with your requirements and expectations. The whole project or product development, maintenance, support is carried out by the experts. Livares technologies ensure that all these processes are fitted into the time frame, and will provide regular reports on a weekly or monthly basis.

We Transfer to you

It is during the transfer phase where the client acquires the project ownership. We will transfer the entire subsidiary along with all the operations and all its assets, along with the necessary workforce. For initiating this hand over process, either the contractual period has to end or the client has to declare that they are ready to take full control. Livares team will also give potential suggestions for future challenges.

Benefits of Build, Operate, Transfer Model in Your Business

BOT model creates commitment to the company’s values and vision, following the company’s cores and movement, promoting employee loyalty as well as upfront investment to attract and train the needed talents for the company’s success.

With the BOT model, your company will:

Own an expert team with in-depth knowledge

Protects data and information

Long term development strategies

Latest technologies and innovative systems

Greater control over the management and processes

Better decision-making process

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