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Livares Technologies R&D Division

Livares Labs, the R&D and innovations team headed by our CTO constantly explores the applicability of new and improved technology to create marketable solutions. Livares's customers expect, and are provided with, the highest quality products to meet their demands. Livares's success has been achieved through the dedication and commitment of our team and their active participation in both product development and customer relations. Through targeted delegation of responsibilities and full integration into the decision making processes, we provide an ideal environment for individual advancement.

What we offer

Robotics Research and Development

Livares R&D division explore on latest technologies of Robotics and mobile development. We research in interfacing of third party hardware with mobile devices and trying various communication technologies to produce a generalised third party communication protocol for mobile devices.

Interactive HandsOn Workshops & Seminars

Livares lab will conduct workshops and seminars for technology enthusiast’s audiences. Workshop activities are structured in such a way to grow audience’s interest in hardware design and programming, so that they could start a hacker space at their own place and start building things by their own.

Embedded Systems & Electronics

Embedded systems and Automation programming is an area that is fast- emerging, with numerous applications in industrial, military, domestic and personal domains. Livares with the aim of futuristic development supports the students and technology enthusiasts, with hands-on practical activities.