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  • Technical content writing
  • Technical Documentation
  • Communication
Job Location: Phase 3, Technopark, Trivandrum
A mixed role of technical writing and marketing documents development. One should be able to create operating instructions, User manuals, product assembly instructions, and “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” pages to help the technical team, customers, and other users within an organization or an Industry. The role of work starts from the concept stage of product to delivery and post-delivery of the product. During the design phase one should do research to give maximum usability for the product and after a product is released, technical writers also may work with product liability specialists and customer service managers to improve the end-user experience through product design changes. Technical writers must be able to understand complex information and communicate the information to people with diverse professional backgrounds. Technical writers may conduct research on their topics through personal observation, library and Internet research, and discussions with technical specialists. Increasingly, technical information is being delivered online, and technical writers will be using the interactive technologies of the Web to blend text, graphics, multidimensional images, sound, and video. One should continuously look for a new medium of communication that helps the organization to communicate with the customers more effectively. 

Job Roles and Responsibilities
  • Understand the needs of Technical Documentation and its beneficiaries. Acquire this knowledge by assisting client meeting with colleagues, internal meetings, and working with managers to discuss technical problems
  • Understand and research our products/services/technology and our competitors.
  • Communicate and present the studies with the product (software) designers and developers.
  • Work with technical staff to improve product usability.
  • Organize the development of supporting materials for products
  • Use multiple mediums such as photographs, drawings, diagrams, animation storyboard, and charts that increase users’ understanding
  • Standardize the product marketing/supporting content across all platforms and media
  • Understand usability feedback from customers, designers, sales team and the Industry
  • Track versions of the document and revise those as and when required.
  • Work with sales and marketing colleagues to ensure that the finished documentation meets product requirements
  • Establish the communication standards between Business and technical team.
  • Help Business team to write technical proposals
  • Specializes in technical writing for one or more specific industries

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